El Nido vets spaying cats and dogs

Palawan Animal Welfare Foundation focuses on spaying local dogs and cats for free | Kalye Artisano, El Nido

Kalye Artisano, known for promoting arts and crafts that boosts your creativity, confidence, coordination, and camaraderie with other similar artists, helped to  launch a non-profit event focused on addressing the increasing problem of roaming and continuous reproduction of stray animals around the El Nido, Palawan. This first step made by Kalye Artisano was partner with the Palawan Animal Welfare Foundation. This partnership is anticipated to create a domino effect to other local businesses to launch similar acts for the benefit of community as a whole, as well as push for greater participation of local pet owners. Together with Palawan Animal Welfare Foundation, we expressed our love and care for stray animals with this one-day event.

Palawan Animal Welfare Foundation has partnered and cooperated with Kalye Artisano to hold the community event. The Palawan Animal Welfare Foundation, founded in 2018, engaged in rescuing, providing for their needs and support to stray cats and dogs. The foundation was able to produce and accomplish in providing assistance and improving the behaviour and habits, developed an adoption program, began a movement and operation that provides sterilization and castration to regulate the population of stray animals in the community. The event is open not only for stray dogs but will also accommodate pet owners.

Palawan and El Nido Animal Welfare in partnership with Kalye Artisano have started to introduce and run a program for the community by prioritizing the stray animals such as cats and dogs and providing them with medical treatment suited for them. As being astray, being prone to bacteria and infection, by providing spayed and neutered helps prevent urinary and alike infections and tumors specifically in the breast areas and this also stops the female dog being in heat for reproduction.  Getting neutered also helps prevent the male dogs from being prone to testicular cancer and other related diseases and decreases the male dog to roam and look for female dogs in heat for reproduction.

Philippines and its residents are well-known to be very loving, and they tend to treat and care for their pets too much. But sometimes, when owners are no longer happy with their pets they get rid of them by letting them go out of the street, and this is one of the main reasons why there are a lot of stray animals in the public areas.

A disadvantage and problem will pertain to how the stray animals will affect the community they are involved in, such as the continuous increase of dog bites and rabies because of stray dogs roaming around the community, scratches of cats as part of their defense mechanism.

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