Creating Workplace Synergy Through Team Building | Kalye Artisano, El Nido, Palawan

Creating Workplace Synergy Through Team Building | Kalye Artisano, El Nido, Palawan

Team Building with Kalye Artisano

Team building exercises are designed to engage your employees to collaborate, enhance their strengths, and resolve any flaws. Individuals join together to form connections that foster efficient teamwork. As a result, every team-building activity should promote cooperation over competitiveness. Making team development a regular element of daily work routines and processes helps ensure success. Team building qualities are those that enable leaders to construct interactive, supportive, and high-performing teams. For instance, critical team-building abilities include problem-solving, listening, and organization. These abilities are intended to facilitate collaboration and growth.

Kalye Artisano’s crafts

Kalye Artisano is a one-stop store in El Nido, Palawan, where you can get stunning native Filipino items. In addition to immersive programs, the organization encourages guests to engage in and connect with the local community. The Kalye Artisano is about building a fun and artistic place, this inspires the beauty of the Palawan province, the project will let the foreign

ers discover and as well as Filipinos to rediscover their roots and fall in love with all things Filipino.

They offer crafts and souvenirs such as:

- Cold-pressed VCO soap

- Galeri

- Bamboo Straws

- Bags from Piopio

- Copper Votives

- Baybayin Necklace

- Silver Jewelry

- Mermaid Dolls

- Bird Mobile

- Recycled bracelets

Arts and Crafts Team Building with Kalye Artisano

Planning an art event as your next team building activity enables your employees to engage outside of the workplace while also relieving tension while they work on their creations.

To assist them in the activities, art and craft workshops such as Kalye Artisano give a calm place for them to engage and get to know one another outside of work and the surrounding surroundings. Art and crafts help people to get to know one another better and even provide an opportunity to resolve daily conflicts with one another. Even the most distant co-workers may become friends.

At the conclusion of the program, team building via art will be able to foster camaraderie among the participants.


The team-building by Kalye Artisano showcases various traditional music. They consider that traditional music embodies a country's culture, tradition, and history and provides timeless tales about people and their lives. Thus, without a question, traditional music is more vital to us as individuals in a community and a nation.

The range of musical genres, repertoires, and traditions reflects the richness of Filipino culture. Fortunately, these rich indigenous musical traditions have survived to the present day. They serve as a reminder of the Filipinos' great tradition of musical ability and inventiveness.

They serve as a constant reminder of the tremendous history of musical excellence and innovation that the Filipinos have inherited.


Teamwork and Cooperation refer to the capacity to work constructively in varied teams, work groups, and throughout the company in order to accomplish group and organizational objectives. It encompasses the desire and capacity to comprehend and successfully react to individuals from varied origins and perspectives. Cooperative settings contribute to the creation of such an environment, as members encourage and support one another.

Cooperative behavior has been associated with increased learning, emotional maturity, and a strong sense of self. Fun activities that allow individuals to view one other in a new light enable them to connect in a new environment. Individuals on the team are tasked with considering the ramifications of these actions in their place of employment.

Kalye Artisano is a venue for expression and celebration of all things Filipino. It is located at Kalye Kalugtan, Lio Tourism Estate, Barangay Libertad, 5313 El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. For more information, you may call (+63) 0917 107 0637, email or visit