Kalye Artisano Joins Brigada Eskwela 2023

Kalye Artisano Joins Brigada Eskwela 2023

Driven by our KAre initiatives, we strive to construct an inclusive community that cultivates growth and propels change for the greater good.

Our most recent avenue to bring this aspiration to life led us to the doors of Pasadena Elementary School during the Brigada Eskwela initiative. 

Brigada Eskwela which started in 2008 is an annual activity done in public schools nationwide to encourage community-wide participation in cleaning and repairing schools before the beginning of the school year.

A beautiful manifestation of the

'bayanihan' - the historic Filipino practice of coming together for a shared objective, Brigada Eskwela rallies for community involvement to prepare schools for the commencements of new academic sessions.

As Kalye Artisano joined this endeavor, we discovered the powerful alignment of our missions - to serve and enhance our communities. It was an opportunity for us to reach beyond our own community and touch the lives of the young scholars at Pasadena Elementary School, instilling in them an early appreciation for inclusivity, growth, and a spirit of unified purpose.

As we painted walls and repaired desks, we weren't just restoring an old edifice. We were building a home for ideas, dreams, and imagination to thrive. It wasn't just about the physical environment; it was the creation of a symbolic space where young minds will feel included, grow, and contribute to the greater good.

We are so grateful to have joined forces with like-minded individuals and organizations in this noble cause. The event was a success with a total of 343 volunteers showing up to provide some much-needed love and care to the participating schools. And the total amount of donations we raised summed up to Php 137,440. These donations included construction and cleaning materials, which were used in the renovation of eight elementary and national high schools.

Photo taken by @lalalelilolu