In-land Fishing

In-land Fishing

Pond fishing P200 per hour comes with a Rod and bait (40 pcs. of BSF Larvae)
P50 per succeeding hour

For ages 7yrs old and up

Catch and release pond fishing
3pm-5pm only

1. Respect other people’s space. Ask if you can pass through other people (behind or in front) as not to disturb their fish
2. Keep your voice and other noise to a minimum
3. Respect the fish. Release them back as soon as possible.
4. Leave no trace.
5. Watch your cast. Check your surroundings especially behind you. Do not cast on top of someone else’s line
6. Don’t over bate/feed. This is littering and disrespectful to others
7. No fishing without supervision from Kalye Artisano

To book a slot, please send us a message through this link: