The Earth School

Located in: 2nd Floor, Rattan Building, Kalye Artisano

The Earth School is a home for nature and sustainability-focused international education. The Earth School is located at Kalye Artisano in Lío Estate, El Nido Palawan, a magnificent spot, 5 minutes from the sea, mangroves, farms, and forested hills. It is an ideal place to discover the wonders of nature and the perfect context for connecting with earth-based traditions, applying project-based learning, and nurturing discovery and innovation.

Business Hours:

• Monday to Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm

• Saturday to Sunday: Closed


For inquiries, please visit:

The Earth School El Nido Kalye Artisano

The Earth School Classroom El Nido Kalye Artisano 

The Earth School, El Nido Palawan, Kalye Artisano

  • The Earth School
  • The Earth School